About Us

Housing Partnership (London) Limited was formed in 1967.  It is a non-profit making housing association registered (no. 17869R) with the Homes & Communities Agency and Co-Operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 on charitable rules.  It was also registered (no. L2027) under the Housing Act 1974 with the Housing Corporation, a government agency which funded housing associations and ensured that the public money used by them to provide housing was used properly and wisely (now succeeded by the Homes & Communities Agency).  The Association is also a member of the National Housing Federation.

Housing Partnership (London) Limited aims to provide good accommodation to let at social rents to those in need.

The Association is controlled by a Board of Management composed of unpaid volunteers who decide the policies of Housing Partnership (London) Limited and oversee the work of the staff.  Board meetings are held in central London.