Further Information

How We Decide Who to House:

  1. The Housing Manager allocates properties to those in the most urgent need having regard to the following criteria:
    • Homeless people.
    • Potentially homeless people.
    • People with severe medical needs, eg. Physically disabled people who are house bound. (Subject to availability of suitable accommodation).
    • People suffering from domestic violence.
    • Separated families.
    • Elderly people.
    • People with special needs.
    • People living in severely overcrowded conditions.
    • People suffering poor housing conditions, eg. Lack of or sharing joint amenities, poor state of repair.
    • People needing larger or smaller accommodation.
    • People with medical needs that could be solved or helped by improved housing.
    • Ex-Service personnel with housing needs.
    • Key workers or people requiring accommodation to support or be supported by relatives. 
    • People moving into an area to take up employment.
    • People living where an environmental health order has been served.
  2. Separate waiting lists are kept for each of our schemes, namely Bridgacre – Cambridge, Greenacre – Whyteleafe, Heathacre – Colnbrook.
  3. Changes in Circumstances
    Should an applicant perform a deliberate action or inaction that results in a worsening of their housing circumstances, they will not gain preference on the housing list.

Size of Property to be Offered:

  • Single people - 1 bedsitting room flat or 1 bedroom property.
  • Couple (no children) - 1 bedroom property.
  • Couple or single parent with one or two children of same sex - 2 or 3 bedroom property.
  • Couple or single parent with two children of different sex or three children - 3 bedroom property.
  • Couple or single parent with 4 children or more - 4 bedroom property.
  • The Association will use its discretion in allowing more bedrooms than stated above if a member of the household is severely disabled or there are extenuating circumstances.

Offers of Accommodation
As there is a shortage of housing, it is unlikely that the Association would be able to make more than one offer of accommodation unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

Equal Opportunities
The Association will not, when considering applications for housing, treat any person or group less favourably than any other person or group because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, gender, sexuality, marital status, appearance, mental or physical disabilities, mental illness, religion, age or due to their vulnerability in society.

How to Apply
Contact Housing Partnership (London) Limited by phone: 01223 324016 or print off a copy of the application form and send to Elaine Carter, Housing Partnership (London) Ltd 

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