Who Does Not Qualify?

  1. Rent Arrears
    If an applicant has rent arrears at their present address, or had to leave accommodation within the last twelve months because of rent arrears, he/she will not be eligible to go on to the Housing List for at least twelve months.
  2. Anti Social Behaviour
    If an applicant’s tenancy has been ended by their landlord because of a breach of the conditions of tenancy, as a result of the applicant, members of his/her family or their friends for example:
    • Causing a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours; or
    • Being physically violent towards or harassing residents in the vicinity of their previous home or staff employed by the landlord; or
    • Perpetrators of domestic violence
  3. Proof of Identification
    It is the responsibility of applicants to provide the Housing Association with the right information about their housing circumstances, so that their application can be properly assessed.  Any change in circumstances must also be provided.  It is an offence to give false information when applying for social housing
    • The application may be suspended for up to 6 months and in the most serious cases the applicant may be prosecuted.
    • The applicant will be asked to sign a form declaring that the information given is correct.  The applicant will be asked to provide evidence of identity which contains a photograph.