Customer Services

The aim of Housing Partnership (London) Limited is to provide homes which are well maintained in pleasant environments.  To this end it is essential to have efficient reporting arrangements so that repairs can be put in hand. Details of contacts to arrange for repair work are contained in Repairs and Maintenance.

In the main, our tenants pay their rent in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement which requires the payment of rent on the first day of the month.  The main means of paying rent is by standing order and the appropriate form is available to download, complete and send to your Bank.  There is a separate form for each estate.

Rent collection procedures are set out but most tenants can ignore this information as 99.5% of our tenants pay the rent on time and in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement.

Our staff really appreciate this positive approach to accepting responsibility to paying rent on time.

There is included a section on Changes to Housing Benefit Reform which is part of Universal Credit.  This section only applies to a small proportion of our tenants.  Any tenant receiving benefit who is over 61 years will not be affected by these reforms.

There are also small sections on consultation with tenants, transfers and mutual exchanges.